“She saved the world from the Blight—but only the Black Horned Prince could save her—from herself!(!!)”

At the dawn of her adult life, Vermille Amell traded her innocence, her future, and her heart to destroy the Blight that threatened her nation. Sickened to the core by the cost of her sacrifice and the meaningless political intrigues that follow, Vermille disappears into the night, leaving all but a few remaining friends puzzled as to her final fate.

The Tordeus of Seheron is a man blessed—or cursed—with a great destiny. The seers of his people have placed him in the center of an ancient prophecy of false gods and cleansing fire. To unite the land against an overwhelming force, he must find, claim, and master The Corrupted Flame, a weapon of unparalleled power.

When Tevinter assassins trap Tordeus inside the Fade, a desperate Sten asks Vermille to relinquish her seclusion and effect a rescue.

She hesitates. The Fade is not the problem. The Tevinter are not the problem. Reclaiming herself, risking her fragile, newfound peace, is...