50 Fades of Gray

The tainted singers filled the sky -
filled hundreds upon hundreds of skies.
Their song washed upon the shores of every land,
rained down upon every people.

One, refusing to sing, dared to cut the arm from a god.
He sought the wilderness, fleeing the roads,
scorning the ways that had been laid
by the singers of old.

Hidden, he worked; veiled, he toiled.
When at last he emerged, and returned to our shores,
he brought not a sword but a hammer.
It was the Qun. He was Koslun. We will be his weapon.

-- The Tordeus of Seheron, reciting the History of the Qunari


On Excerpt Order and Updates: Unlike Chain of Fealty and Typography, 50 Fades of Gray is not complete. The excerpts above may change as the story evolves. I will add new chapters as I write them, though since this is a fanfic I write for love, I have no guesses as to my schedule.

On the title: The piece has been in the works since I finished Dragon Age:Origins on December 26, 2009. It was originally titled The Black Horned Prince, and I intended it to be a relatively thoughtful sort of romance novel, albeit a fanfiction. However, after seeing the incomparable Aimo's Stone Heartbreaker Style Covers, I imagined that this story would fit right in that genre, or at least, into how people percieve that genre. Thus I changed the title to match. Believe it or not, romance novels only seem overly dramatic to people who don't read them. To people who do... well, they're some of the best escape in the world.

On the title, part 2: Though I did read the first "book" in the 50 Shades trilogy, I did not mean to imply with my title that this story is a Twlight fanfiction (in addition to being a Dragon Age one.) I honestly quail at the thought. What similarities made me think the title change was appropriate? I guess you'll have to read and let me know if you see the ones I noticed.

On Cannonical Accuracy: Since I read and write and love romance novels, the Qunari culture has, in more than a few places, been mindfully altered to better accomodate a romance-genre plot. Tower guard, buddy. Tower guard.